Close Encounter of the Handsome Kind

God has a sense of humor. It was a cold and rainy Sunday, I spent most of the day on the couch and never bothered to put on makeup or real clothes. Thankfully, I did brush my teeth. I left for the grocery store with sweatpants, sneakers and a side braid. I had to wear a hat to try to cover the pimple I had just operated on in the middle of my forehead but closer to my eyebrows. I took a quick glance in the mirror and thought, “I’m not going to see anyone I know.”

I had just made an awesome Pasta e Fagiole with plenty of beans that started to affect me in the shampoo aisle, which was clear of shoppers. I contemplated farting but decided against it. I had learned my lesson years ago on that front. Thank God, I held it in, someone turned into the aisle. I didn’t take a good look at him but thanked my lucky stars. As luck would have it, he asked for my help finding a pencil sharpener, the kind everyone had in their school bag in junior high. I suggested an eyeliner pencil and tried to help him find it.

Can I just tell you? That’s when I took a good look at him and just shook my head on the inside. HANDSOME. Very handsome and wearing an awesome hat. We chatted for a bit and walked away. I immediately wondered if my hat was covering my pimple. Ugh.


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