Batman and the Purple Bra

I went to the outlets this weekend with my mom to buy baby stuff for my sister, Marya. After spending a small fortune at Carters, she needed to go into Maidenform for bras and underwear. It seemed to take forever but I found a pretty purple top for the gym.

A little boy with a batman mask, and his dad tailing him, ran through the aisles and around the bra and underwear racks. Batman made his way to me at my 70% off rack. He looked to be around 5 and may have had a speech impediment. He wanted to help me find something to match my purple shirt.

Much to his father’s horror, he picked a lacy, purple bra for me. I thanked him for his help and took it to the register. (I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.) He bounced along behind me and proudly told his mother, the cashier, he helped to find me something to cover my nipples. His mother turned beet red and started apologizing profusely through nervous giggles.

Can I just tell you? I think his father fainted.


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