My parents, Stella and George, are into real estate. They buy and sell homes, “flip them.” Stella was born in a small village in Greece and traveled to the United States when she was a young girl. She’s tough as nails and always up for a challenge. They came across a small house in Hollis for short money and bought it. George went over after papers were passed to take a better look at the new property. During his inspection of the property, he discovered the wall supporting the house was being held up by rotting trees. He immediately vomited, then continued to have dry heaves the whole way home. He has a nervous stomach. Between puking fits, he lamented to Stella that maybe they made a mistake with the purchase. She took one look at him then shook his shoulders, coming very close to slapping that silly thought out of his head. She firmly told him to pull himself together, “it’s done and we’re going to make the best of it.” She knew what he needed, valium.

Immediately, she called my aunt, Helen, to ask her if she could spare some pills. Can I just tell you? Helen told her she’d be right over.


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